Czech Republic, City Road Lighting, 152pcs LED Street Light 30W 50W

Date: 2012

Location & Products

Pocedelice City: 60pcs 30W LED Street Light & 50W LED Street Light

Pabenice City: 60pcs 30W LED Street Light & 50W LED Street Light

Javornik City: 12pcs, 50W LED Street Light

Petrol station: 20pcs, 50W LED Street Light, 8m high pole



30W: 5m high

50W: 10m high pole; 8m high pole(Petrol station)


All lights are designed with the intelligent software system similar to the PLC operation to achieve a good energy-saving emission. The above project is just a trial order. The customer and local government are very satisfied with the lighting effects and intelligent systems, who is expected to buy more products in 2013.


Photo by Czech Clients


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