GAC Mitsubishi Workshop Lighting Project, 200W High Bay Lights

GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., LTD. covers an area of about 597,200 square meters. Stamping workshop lighting project is currently underway. At present, 294pcs 200W die-casting high bay lights lighting up part of the workshop, installation height of about 8 meters, working 14 hours a day.


Due to Stamping workshop with vibration and more dust. GAC Mitsubishi decided to use our SPGK011 LED Die Casting Series high bay lights after comparison.


This series with die-casting aluminum, excellent heat dissipation, advanced technology spraying surface, high temperature working environment, acid corrosion, strong shock resistance, very suitable for the harsh work environment like stamping plant with dust and vibration. Light efficiency up to 150 lm/W, significantly saves energy costs.


Other workshop lighting projects are under negotiation, as well as other areas lighting including office lighting, conference rooms lighting, road lighting and so on.


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